Accelerated Bridge Construction with Time-Proven Technology

Bridge Decks for Accelerated Bridge Construction

Solid and Open Grid Designs

AlumaBridge, LLC is North America’s premier supplier of advanced design aluminum bridge decking. As a bridge-market focused organization, the company is backed by nearly 20 years of innovation. Our patented systems are available for a variety of solid surface lightweight deck solution applications:
  • Roadway – highway bridges
  • Moveable bridges and structures
  • Emergency deployment bridges
  • Temporary bridges
  • Prefabricated Bridges and Modular Bridges
  • Portable Bridges
  • Military bridges
  • Marine decking
  • Factory Flooring
  • Construction platforms

Our Aluminum Decks are Superior to Steel Decking and FRP Decking

Our experience and technical support is unmatched. We use the latest advancements in Friction Stir Welding (FSW) for strength and precision in superior fabrication. AlumaBridge engineers, custom designs and manufactures time-proven aluminum isotropic as well as orthotropic deck construction. The company's innovation and experience are linked to highly successful installations in both the United States and Europe. Our technology continues to deliver service and performance on bridge decking worldwide.

AlumaBridge designs are highway load tested and designed for infinite fatigue life using AASHTO Specifications. They are bridge code compliant in the U.S. and Canada.