Accelerated Bridge Construction with Time-Proven Technology

AlumaBridge aluminum bridge decking offers unmatched advantages in a variety of solid surface lightweight deck applications. Additional benefits designed for specific uses 
(see chart below), but all AlumaBridge applications include these advantages:

Roadway Specific Features and Benefits

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) ready – saves project time & money
  • Isotropic or orthotropic design capability
  • Composite or non-composite connection to beams
  • Robust design, capable of HS-20 and HL-93 loading
  • Mechanical friction connections
  • Able to cantilever 3.5’
  • Designed for infinite fatigue life using AASHTO Specifications
  • Meets AASHTO LRFD (Load Resistant Factor Design )
  • Bridge Code compliant in U.S. and Canada

Rapid Deployment – Prefabricated bridges for shipment over the road

  • Easy to handle/maneuver at site
  • 18 to 23 pounds per square foot (depending on deck depth and wearing surface thickness)
  • Prefabricated/modular construction
  • 100-year bridge life potential
  • Maintenance-free, never needs painting
  • Can be designed and installed transversely or longitudinally
  • Deck strength mirrors monolithic concrete
  • Solid 2-part epoxy wearing surface is skid resistant (0.89 – 0.9 friction coefficient)
  • Wearing surface can be removed and reapplied in field for sustainability
  • Girder spacing up to 10’
  • Girder/stringer reuse potential
  • Profitably recycled
  • Friction Stir Welded construction with tougher welds and less heat distortion
  • Meets American Welding Society (AWS) D1.2 requirements

Factory Flooring Industrial Applications

  • Elevated Flooring
  • Temporary and Moveable Flooring
  • Mezzanines
  • Construction and Work Platforms

AlumaBridge Applications | Prefab Bridge Design