Accelerated Bridge Construction with Time-Proven Technology
  •  AlumaBridge Open Grid Deck Design
  • AlumaBridge advanced aluminum bridge fabrication
  • AlumaBridge Modular Bridges
  • AlumaBridge advanced aluminum bridge fabrication
  • AlumaBridge Modular Bridges

Advanced Solutions for the Urgent Problems of Bridge Replacement and Repair

  • Rapid bridge deployment
  • Rehabilitation alternative to reconstruction
  • Lightweight structural aluminum – 1/5th the  weight of concrete
  • Eliminates structural deficiency and  obsolescence
  • Corrosion resistant with reduced maintenance –  no painting
  • Infinite fatigue life using AASHTO specifications
  • Bridge code compliant in U.S. and Canada

Provides the advantage of aluminum isotropic and orthotropic bridge deck technology proven over decades of innovation and experience.

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Latest News

AlumaBridge Aluminum Decking Installed in Reconstruction of Browns Park Bridge in Colorado

Moffat County, CO – AlumaBridge Aluminum Decking and support beams have been installed on the Browns Park Bridge. The project presented unique challenges in that the bridge is a swinging bridge spanning a lengthy 320 feet.  Read more…


Florida DOT Testing Successfully Completed

The Florida DOT has successfully completed testing of AlumaBridge Aluminum Decking. The evaluation included detailed inspection, structural testing, heavy vehicle simulation, and wearing surface tests.  Read more…


AlumaBridge Completes Fabrication of Aluminum Bridge Deck for Ministry of Transportation – Quebec

Ann Arbor, MI - AlumaBridge, LLC of Ann Arbor, MI has completed the successful fabrication of an aluminum bridge deck for the St. Ambroise River Bridge in Quebec, Canada. Read more…


AlumaBridge has fabricated and shipped 5" deep aluminum bridge decking to the Florida Department of Transportation. U.S.

Read more…


30-Minute Aluminum Bridge
Installation May Herald Solution for
Many of Nation’s Aging Bridges


AlumaBridge is at the center of Accelerated Bridge Construction. Our aluminum bridge decking has enabled engineers to deploy a single-span, lightweight structure for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Read more...

Florida DOT Testing

Rapid Bridge Deployment with Prefabricated Panels