Accelerated Bridge Construction with Time-Proven Technology

AlumaBridge Advanced Factory Flooring – The Perfect Replacement for Deteriorating Factory Floors. A New Solution for Industrial Applications.

  • High load work surface provides excellent solution for industrial applications.
  • Lightweight structural aluminum delivers strength while decreasing dead load. Aluminum decking is up to 80% lighter than steel with concrete, allowing easier handling. It also offers superior longevity compared to wood decking surfaces.
  • “Deployment Ready” prefabricated modular floor panels facilitate rapid installation with reduced workflow interruption. An immediate benefit to facilities requiring new construction or rehabilitation of factory mezzanines, elevated work and storage platforms as well as raised equipment platforms.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum reduces maintenance (requires no painting). Ideal for indoor and outdoor performance.
  • Aluminum, the environmentally friendly “green” metal, is 100% recyclable. AlumaBridge decking contains significant recycled content and is easily and profitably recycled — 75 percent of all aluminum extrusions produced since 1888 is still in use!
  • Safe, skid resistant coatings are also available.
  • Superior replacement for worn or distressed elevated flooring. Maintains a consistent, level surface over time, improving safety and reducing maintenance.
  • Consistent with lean manufacturing principles of continuous improvement, reduced waste and superior quality.
  • AlumaBridge Factory Flooring is ideal for facilities engaged in industrial manufacturing, such as automobiles, power and energy generation, waste management, recycling and bulk material handling.

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